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Men used Vatican car to smuggle cocaine, marijuana

Men used Vatican car to smuggle cocaine, marijuana - UPI.com: Authorities in France said two men who were supposed to be giving a Vatican vehicle a tune-up instead used the car to smuggle pot and cocaine to Spain.

Investigators said an Argentinean Cardinal turned the vehicle over to two Italian men to give it a tune-up last week, but the men instead used the official car, which bears diplomatic license plates, to drive to Spain and pick up 8.8 pounds of cocaine and nearly half a pound of marijuana.

The men were busted by French customs officers Sunday in Chambery as they headed for the border with Switzerland and Italy. The diplomatic plates did not stop officers from conducting a routine search of the vehicle and discovering the drugs.

Panties surgically removed from dog's stomach

Panties surgically removed from dog's stomach - UPI.com: A British dog who had a pair of panties surgically removed from his stomach failed to learn his lesson and is still snacking on thongs, his owner said.

Kaye Banks of Rotherham, England, said Brian, a 4-year-old Samoyed, is notorious in her home for stealing her underwear and those of her daughter, Charlotte, and he is especially fond of black and bright pink thongs made of silk and lace.

Banks said Brian was previously able to pass underwear on his own without incident, but he recently underwent a two-hour emergency operation at Abbey Vets in Barnsley when a pair of pilfered panties clogged his intestines.

Banks said Brian returned from his four-day stay at the veterinary hospital and almost immediately consumed another thong.

Veterinarians were able to make Brian regurgitate the most recent pair of unmentionables without surgery, Banks said.

Pizza restaurant offered free hamsters

Pizza restaurant offered free hamsters | Orange UK: A pizza restaurant has been slammed in Australia for offering free hamsters to customers who place big orders.

The Pizza Hut store, in Mount Waverly, Melbourne, had a sign in its window promising: "Buy any 10 large pizzas and get one free small animal from Pets Story."

The promotion, which was not condoned by Pizza Hut Australia, was immediately slammed by animal lovers.

Husband reports 'burglar,' wife recognizes lover

Husband reports 'burglar,' wife recognizes lover - UPI.com: Police in Italy said a husband who reported a burglar in his home had actually discovered his wife's secret lover.

Investigators said the Pisa man called police when he discovered a man in his bedroom while he was in bed with his wife and officers arrived in time to chase the man down.

However, once the "burglar" was apprehended, police discovered the man was not an attempted thief, but rather the secret lover of the homeowner's wife. The man had intended to surprise the woman with a late-night visit and fled when he discovered the woman's husband was home.

Police said the revelation led to a physical altercation between the two men and officers had to pull them apart.

It was unclear whether any charges resulted from the incident.

Officials beg pastor, strip club owner to end feud

My Way News - Officials beg pastor, strip club owner to end feud: Officials are pleading for a pastor and an Ohio strip club owner to stop weekly protesting of each other's establishments over a years-long feud.

The Coshocton Tribune reports the letter to New Beginnings Ministries Pastor Bill Dunfee and strip club owner Thomas George was signed by the city law director, the county prosecutor and the sheriff.

Dunfee and men from the Warsaw church have protested outside the Foxhole North strip club in New Castle. The business has responded with Sunday morning protests outside the church, including a recent one by topless dancers.

The letter says the feud is straining local law enforcement and hurting the community but acknowledges they can't legally be stopped from protesting.

Each man has made allegations against the other, but authorities haven't prosecuted those cases.

Protesters stage huge tomato fight

Protesters stage huge tomato fight | Orange UK: Hundreds of people have been showing their opposition to a Russian boycott of fruit and vegetables from Europe with a tomato fight in Amsterdam.

It was inspired by the annual 'La Tomatina' tomato fight in Spain and designed to draw attention to the Dutch producers affected by the Russian ban on their products.

Revellers hurled tomatoes at each other in front of the Royal Palace, turning Amsterdam's central Dam square into a red pulpy mess.

And although the event was being marketed as a protest, participants admitted they were mostly looking forward to smacking friends and strangers with overripe tomatoes.

Woman accused of aiming gun at kids over clarinet

My Way News - Woman accused of aiming gun at kids over clarinet: A western Colorado woman is accused of pointing a rifle at several children in a neighboring backyard because she was upset that an 11-year-old boy was playing his clarinet outside.

Mesa County sheriff's deputies believe 60-year-old Cheryl Ann Pifer of Clifton had been drinking before allegedly threatening the children Wednesday.

Thieves steal pumpkins grown by preschoolers

My Way News - Thieves steal pumpkins grown by preschoolers: Thieves have picked clean a pumpkin patch that had been cultivated by New Mexico preschoolers.

Eastern New Mexico University's Child Development Center said the Portales school's pumpkin patch was raided sometime over the weekend after students had worked for months growing the pumpkins.

School officials found the pumpkins missing and vines destroyed Monday morning.

Lara Vaughan, the school's master teacher, said the four full pumpkins were just about to turn orange. She said the school's 26 students had studied them, weeded the area and watered them since they were sprouts.

But the center's director, Elaine Gard, said despite the heist the children aren't mad at the pumpkin thieves. "They are more indignant in asking, 'Why didn't they just ask permission? We would have given them the pumpkins,'" Gard said.

Cat survives after being dragged 10 miles at 70mph

Cat survives after being dragged 10 miles at 70mph | Orange UK: A cat hit at 70mph and dragged for 10 miles down a motorway had its ears burned off - but survived.

The cat got its head wedged in the front grill when it was struck by a Peugeot on the A14 near Gisikon, Switzerland.

The proximity of the cat's head to the hot car engine during its horrific journey caused her ears and fur to burn off.

The driver, Stephanie Huber, said she heard a soft thud but hadn't thought anything of it and continued driving.

But when she parked up in Lucerne she noticed the front bumper had a cat's body sticking out of it, with the head wedged inside. When she saw the animal was alive she called police.

Wedding DJ beaten to death for asking guests to wait for song

Hindustan Times e-Paper

Can music lead to death? It can, if you happen to be a disc-jockey and request guests to wait for a bit before honoring their request for the song of their choice. A 25-year-old DJ was bludgeoned to death with iron rods at a marriage facility in Ludhiana, India, after he asked the allegedly drunk guests to
wait for the song of their choice.The d.j.'s assistant rushed the man to a local hospital where he died. Police are searching for three suspects.