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Lost in transit: 40,000 letters in mailman's New York home

Lost in transit: 40,000 letters in mailman's New York home - UPI.com: A New York mail carrier accused of hoarding more than 40,000 pieces of undelivered mail blamed depression and alcoholism for his behavior.

Authorities said Joseph Brucato, 67, admitted to keeping more than 2,500 pounds of mail, which dates back to 2005, and he told the court during his Wednesday arraignment his alcoholism and depression were to blame for his behavior. It took a group of five postal workers about five hours to clear all of the undelivered envelopes out of Brucato's apartment.

A representative for the Postal Service said mail carriers will attempt to deliver the items recovered from Brucato's home, vehicle and locker.

British chef serves 8,000-calorie 'Hibernator' breakfast

British chef serves 8,000-calorie 'Hibernator' breakfast - UPI.com: A British cafe is testing the limits of good taste in the the morning with "The Hibernator," a breakfast dish packing a whopping 8,000 calories.

Mark Winder, owner of the Bear Grills cafe in Congleton, England, said that only 20 customers have so far attempted to take on "The Hibernator," which weighs 7 pounds and amounts to nearly four times the daily recommended caloric intake for an adult man.

Winder said no one has yet succeeded in finishing the dish, which he requires diners to sign waivers before attacking.

"It's called 'The Hibernator' because if anyone completes it, they'll have to sleep for a year," Winder said.

The breakfast includes four fried eggs, four strips of bacon, eight sausages, four hash browns, a four-egg cheese omelet, four waffles, four pieces of toast, four pieces of fried bread, four pieces of black pudding, two ladles of beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, French fries and a 2,000-calorie milkshake to wash it all down.

Cops: Man fired into neighbor's home to unload gun

My Way News - Cops: Man fired into neighbor's home to unload gun: Police in Pennsylvania say a man accused of shooting a bullet through a neighbor's window told a judge he fired the gun because it was the only way he knew how to unload it.

Middletown Detective Patrick Nicastro tells the Bucks County Courier Times that 31-year-old George Byrd IV of Penndel at first denied being behind the shooting but then acknowledged during his arraignment that he fired the weapon to clear the chamber because he was unfamiliar with guns.

Authorities say Byrd fired the gun early Friday afternoon in the suburban Philadelphia community. No one was injured.

Byrd is being held in the Bucks County jail on $20,000 bond.

Firemen give pet hamsters oxygen

Firemen give pet hamsters oxygen | Orange UK: US firemen used oxygen and first aid to save a family of pet hamsters caught in a mobile home blaze.

The crew, from the Lacey Fire Department in Washington state, relied on 'pet emergency pocket guides' to bring the injured rodents back to life.

Five hamsters - Oreo, Madonna and three unnamed baby hamsters - - were recovered from the blaze. Unfortunately, one of the pets later died.

Thankfully, no humans were in the trailer at the time of the fire caused by a faulty tumble drier.

Trailer of rotten chicken towed to landfill

My Way News - Trailer of rotten chicken towed to landfill: An abandoned trailer containing 37,000 pounds of rotten chicken was towed to a landfill Friday after sitting at a western Montana truck stop for possibly a month or longer, and its contents were dumped in a freshly dug pit.

Authorities say a truck driver abandoned the trailer after his employer, Dixie River Freight Inc., refused his demands for more money to deliver its then-frozen cargo.

He left the chicken worth $80,000 to thaw and then rot when the fuel for the trailer's refrigeration unit ran out.

The Nampa, Idaho-based trucking company reported it missing Aug. 27. The trailer was discovered this week at the Flying J Truck Stop west of Missoula, dripping rancid juices onto the concrete and attracting flies. Police are searching for the driver.

Calf with '7' on its head named for Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger

My Way News - Calf with '7' on its head named for Steelers' Ben: Moooove over, Ben Roethlisberger. There's a new No. 7 in western Pennsylvania.

The folks at Vale Wood Farms in Loretto have named a calf Baby Ben after the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback because the cow has a marking that looks like a No. 7 on its head.

The farm has posted the calf's picture on its Facebook page, and WJAC-TV visited the farm about 70 miles east of Pittsburgh to see what all the fuss is about.

Carissa Itle-Westrick, the director of business development for the family-owned food-and-grocery farm, is hoping Roethlisberger won't mind.

She says, "Baby Ben is awfully cute, so hopefully Big Ben won't mind sharing his namesake."

The farm plans to display the calf when it opens its pumpkin patch for business next month.

Maine woman finds 2-headed baby snapping turtle

My Way News - Maine woman finds 2-headed baby snapping turtle: A woman in Maine has come across a two-headed baby snapping turtle that was trying to cross the road.

Kathleen Talbot of Hudson tells WLBZ-TV she found the tiny creature this week while she was watching turtle hatchlings to make sure they arrived safely at the other side of the street.

She noticed one of the turtles had been left behind. It was so dirty she thought at first that it had two feet in front.

It wasn't until she got home and washed off the turtle that she realized it had two heads. The turtle fits easily into the palm of her hand.

She named it Frank and Stein.

Groundhog dies after escaping NYC mayor's grip

My Way News - Groundhog dies after escaping NYC mayor's grip: Her shadow was one of the last things she saw.

The groundhog that escaped Mayor Bill de Blasio's grasp during this year's Staten Island Zoo Groundhog Day ceremony died a week after the fall.

But the rodent, which had just predicted six more weeks of winter before tumbling several feet from the mayor's hands, was not the zoo's famed Staten Island Chuck, but rather a stand-in named Charlotte.

This was de Blasio's first time doing the annual ceremony. He wore heavy work gloves on the cold winter day, in part as a safety precaution after Chuck bit Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2009.

Because this story has just become public, one wonders if there was a groundhog cover up?

Police in China arrested a noodle shop owner who allegedly added opium poppy buds to his food to make it addictive

Opium addition 'made noodles more-ish' | Orange UK: Police in China arrested a noodle shop owner who allegedly added opium poppy buds to his food to make it addictive.

The man was held for questioning and police say he admitted buying 2kg of poppy buds for the equivalent of £60.

He allegedly added it dishes in secret in the hope that custumers would keep coming back for more, reports the South China Morning Post.

The restaurant's activities came to light after customer, Liu Juyou, 26, tested positive during a routine urine test under an anti-drink-driving programme.

Liu was detained for 15 days, unable to convince police of his suspicions that the drug had come from food at his local noodle shop in northern Shaanxi province.

He asked his family to help him test the theory, eating noodles at the restaurant and going home to take urine tests.

When the relatives also tested positive for drugs, they alerted the police, who launched an investigation.

Rain Delay Keeps Twins Pitcher Phil Hughes 1 Out Shy of $500K Bonus

Rain Delay Keeps Twins Pitcher Phil Hughes 1 Out Shy of $500K Bonus | Bleacher Report: Minnesota Twins pitcher Phil Hughes gets a $500,000 bonus if he reaches 210 innings pitched this season.

On Wednesday, Hughes breezed through eight innings, giving up only one earned run. Unfortunately, a 66-minute rain delay kept the Twins hurler from coming out for the ninth inning.

That left him at 209.2 innings pitched—one out shy of his bonus!

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire told reporters afterward that he will not use Hughes out of the bullpen this weekend.

If there's any bright side here for Hughes, it's that his team won the game, 2-1, over the Arizona Diamondbacks.