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Today's odd news:

Secret files reveal police feared that Trekkies could turn on society

Secret files reveal police feared that Trekkies could turn on society - Telegraph: For years Star Trek fans – known as Trekkies – have been the butt of jokes about their penchant for wearing pointy ears and attending science fiction conventions.

But the police feared British fans of the cult American show might boldly go a little too far one day.

It has emerged that Scotland Yard kept a secret dossier on Star Trek, The X-Files, and other US sci fi shows amid fears that British fans would go mad and kill themselves, turn against society or start a weird cult.

The American TV shows Roswell and Dark Skies and the film The Lawnmower Man were also monitored to protect the country from rioting and cyber attacks.

Special Branch was concerned that people hooked on such material could go into a frenzy triggered by the millennium leading to anarchy.

Toilet instructions for armed police at US Capitol

Toilet instructions for armed police at US Capitol - BBC News: The US Capitol police have accidentally left their guns in the building's toilets three times in 2015.

The officers involved have been disciplined. One gun was found by a child.

"We are now providing additional training on what to do when you have to go to the bathroom," Capitol Police Chief Kim C Dine told Congress.

The Capitol Police are responsible for protecting senators, congressmen and women, other staff and visitors to the Capitol in Washington DC.

They also police the Capitol grounds and the surrounding area.

Man in scuba gear gets warning after causing restaurant stir

My Way News - Man in scuba gear gets warning after causing restaurant stir: Police say a belligerent man dressed in scuba gear caused a stir at a northern Michigan fast food restaurant.

The Traverse City Record-Eagle and report the man, who had been drinking, showed up Tuesday morning at a downtown McDonald's. Workers called police, who found the 48-year-old man nearby. Police say they warned him that management didn't want him at the restaurant.

Police didn't know why the man was wearing scuba gear.

Regardless, Detective Sgt. James Bussell says that "as far as wearing scuba gear and having a couple of beers, that's legal."

NJ fifth-grader suspended for bringing a foam 'bullet' to school, says mom

NJ fifth-grader suspended for bringing a foam 'bullet' to school, says mom | Fox News: An elementary student in Atlantic City, N.J., was suspended for five days after he was found with a Nerf bullet, similar to these pictured, with a toothpick sticking out of one end.

New Jersey fifth-grader Aarin Moody got a lesson in his school's zero tolerance policy after being suspended all of last week for bringing a foam Nerf gun bullet to school, according to his mom.

The Atlantic City boy was reaching for a note from his mom when the spongy projectile fell out of his pocket, alarming a faculty member at the Uptown Complex School on May 8, said his mother, Michelle Moody.

“I pulled out my late slip and that’s when the item fell out of my pocket and a teacher had seen it,” the boy said.

Officials at Uptown Complex categorized that foam dart as a “self-constructed weapon” because it had a toothpick stuck in it, the distraught mother said..

“It’s completely ludicrous,” she told “I could understand if he had the [toy] gun in class and tried to shoot someone, but he didn’t. All he had was the dart with a broken toothpick in it." 

Aarin said that he places the toothpick in the foam bullets so they would stick to the ground when he fired them from his Nerf gun and that he accidentally brought it to school.

A quarter of US 8th graders think Canada is under the rule of a dictator

A quarter of US 8th graders think Canada is under the rule of a dictator - 8th graders across the nation were recently given an assessment test, and it turns out that about a quarter of them think that Canada is under the rule of a dictator.

That's according to the test results report published by the U.S. National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Based on the report, France and Australia are also believed to be under an autocrat's thumb.

The actual question asked in the civics portion of the exam was, "What do the current governments of Canada, France, and Australia have in common?"

The correct response was B -- that they have constitutions that limit their power. Over half of the test takers selected that option.

C was the answer selected by a quarter of students and it read, "They have leaders with absolute power."

The remaining students identified the three countries as either being under military control or nations that discourage citizen participation.

Supermarket giant shuts website after joke has bolted

Supermarket giant shuts website after joke has bolted | Technology | The Guardian: The greatest horse-based web domain in history is no more: has disappeared from the internet following a complaint from the American megastore chain.

Registered in late February by Massachusetts-based cartoonist Jeph Jacques, author of webcomic Questionable Content, was a simple website containing nothing but a picture of a horse superimposed on top of a Walmart store.

In early March, Walmart sent Jacques a cease-and-desist letter, arguing that he was infringing on the company’s trademark. In response, Jacques told them that the site was “an obvious parody, and therefore falls under fair use”, and refused to take the page down.

That seemed to be the end of the matter until Walmart responded in April by filing a plea with the World Intellectual Property Organisation under the organisation’s “Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy” (UDRP). The policy allows for trademark holders to seize control of domains that they don’t own, but which are “confusingly similar” to a trademark and registered and being used “in bad faith”.

I wonder if the website got many visits. I've never heard of it, have you? 

Squatters evicted: 40,000 bees removed from NYC home

My Way News - Squatters evicted: 40,000 bees removed from NYC home: It wasn't a monster making a ruckus under the floor of a New York City bedroom. But it was still a bit scary.

An expert called to find the source of a loud, buzzing noise found about 40,000 bees in a Queens home.

Retired NYPD Detective Anthony Planakis, known as Tony Bees, was the man for the mission.

It took him more than two hours to extract the unwanted residents on Monday night.

The Daily News says honey dripped off the massive honeycomb as it was pulled piecemeal from beneath siding and plywood.

The colony is getting a new residence upstate.

Disney World tells riders to stop using selfie sticks

My Way News - Disney World tells riders to stop using selfie sticks: Disney World is looking to crack down on guests who use selfie sticks on rides at the park.

The Orlando Sentinel reports a spokesman said Monday guests can bring selfie sticks on the rides but must securely store them.

Disney policy forbids visitors from using the sticks, which can be used to extend cameras out up to 3 feet. One ride, Thunder Mountain, has had a number of incidents in which the ride had to be stopped because of selfie-stick use.

On Friday, Disney World workers posted a "No Selfie Sticks" sign at the Magic Kingdom's Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Firefighters: Facebook 'fire challenge' is 'stupid'

Firefighters: Facebook 'fire challenge' is 'stupid' - The London Fire Brigade is warning teens not to attempt a "stupid and dangerous" stunt called the "fire challenge," which involves lighting oneself on fire.

The "fire challenge" trend, which has become popular on Facebook and YouTube, involves a person -- usually a teenager -- pouring flammable liquid on their body and then igniting themselves before jumping into a body of water.

"This is a stupid and dangerous craze. You're almost certain to seriously injure yourself, and fire can easily spread to furniture and other flammable household items which is a risk to others," a London Fire Brigade spokesman said.

The viral trend has been blamed for numerous injuries.

Al Sharpton’s daughter sues city for $5M after spraining ankle

Al Sharpton’s daughter sues city for $5M after spraining ankle | New York Post: She is suing NYC for 5 million. Dominique Sharpton, 28, says she was “severely injured, bruised and wounded” when she stumbled over uneven pavement at the corner of Broome Street and Broadway downtown last year, according to a lawsuit.

Dominique Sharpton claims she fell in a crosswalk, which would make hers a “defective roadway” claim. The city received 774 such claims in the 2014 fiscal year alone.

She was left with “internal and external injuries to the whole body, lower and upper limbs, the full extent of which are unknown, permanent pain and mental anguish,” she alleges.