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Texas plumber's truck used by Islamic militants in Syria

Texas plumber's truck used by Islamic militants in Syria - UPI.com: A Texas plumber was surprised when he got a flood of calls and threats after a truck from his company was seen being used by Islamic militants on Twitter.

The truck was see outfitted with anti-aircraft weaponry operated by members of the group Ansar al-Deen Front. The truck bore the logo and telephone number of Texas plumbing company Mark 1 owned by Mark Oberholtzer. Since the picture has gone up their office phone has been ringing off the hook with some callers turning "ugly."

AutoNation, the dealer who sold the vehicle, refused to disclose the details of the sale. Oberholtzer left the decal on the truck with the expectation they would remove it.

"They were supposed to have done it and it looks like they didn't do it," Oberholtzer told the Galveston Daily News. "How it ended up in Syria, I'll never know."

Facebook users save jilted nanny's Christmas

Facebook users save jilted nanny's Christmas | Orange UK: Facebook users have saved Christmas for a heartbroken nanny by paying for her flight home after she split with her boyfriend.

People swamped Zascha Friis, 23, with offers of help after she posted a message saying her festive season plans had been shattered by the break up.

Miss Friis is from Denmark but has lived in High Wycombe for the last four years, working as a nanny.

She posted on the High Wycombe Facebook page that she had nowhere to go on the big day and could not afford to fly home.

She was looking for some volunteer work to keep busy over Christmas but people rallied round to raise hundreds of pounds in a matter of hours to pay for her flight to Copenhagen.

She will now fly out from Heathrow on Christmas Eve to spend four days with her family, who live around an hour from the capital.

Miss Friis said her mum in Denmark was moved to tears after hearing the good news.

Michael Jordan's college Converse shoes auctioned for $33k

Michael Jordan's college Converse shoes auctioned for $33k - UPI.com: A pair of basketball shoes from Michael Jordan's University of North Carolina days sold for more than $33,000 in an online auction.

Grey Flannel Auctions said the shoes, which Jordan wore during games with the Tar Heels in the early 1980s, feature the basketball legend's signature in pen on the right shoe along with the message, "Best Wishes."

The shoes were sold with a high bid of $33,387. Grey Flannel said the shoes were consigned by a high school teammate of Jordan's and the winning bidder requested anonymity.

Grey Flannel previously sold a pair of shoes Jordan wore during his 1997 NBA Finals "flu game" for $104,765 last year. A pair of shoes from the player's rookie season with the Chicago Bulls sold for $31,070 last year.

'Terrible dog' ad finds a new home for naughty pup

'Terrible dog' ad finds a new home for naughty pup - UPI.com: A California wing of the Humane Society said a "terrible dog" found a new home thanks to an online post listing the reasons people shouldn't adopt him.

The Humane Society Silicone Valley said in a post titled "A Full Disclosure Blog: Three Reasons You Don't Want to Adopt Eddie the Terrible" that the small dog thinks its "Cujo time" whenever he spots another canine, hates sleeping in his crate and is not a fan of children.

"Want your kids to grow up with a full complement of fingers and toes? Not the dog for you," the post read. "If you love a challenge, are looking for the dog of a lifetime and think you can handle the thirteen pounds of terror that is Eddie, we won't stop you. You just go ahead and call." Eddie has found a new home with a family experienced in dealing with difficult dogs.

Corvette cam catches valet driving 50 mph

Watch: Corvette cam catches valet driving 50 mph - UPI.com: A Corvette owner who dropped his car off with a California valet said the built-in camera caught the valet taking his car on an indoor 50 mph joyride.

Dan Cowles, who posted the video online at CorvetteForum.com, said he left the built-in camera in "valet mode" when he dropped his new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray off with the valet at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa.

Cowles said the video showed the valet accelerating the car up to 50 mph in about five seconds inside the garage.
Cowles said he contacted the owner of the valet company.

"The owner called me up yesterday, the first thing he said he spoke to his attorney and told me the video was illegal," Cowles said. "I think my impression was the owner didn't realize the video was built into the car. I informed him this was standard of Corvettes and that as long as audio isn't recorded in California it's not illegal; he didn't realize that."

Cowles said the owner told him the driver was fired.

Johns Hopkins mistakenly welcomes wrong students

My Way News - Johns Hopkins mistakenly welcomes wrong students: Johns Hopkins University mistakenly sent nearly 300 applicants welcome messages when they were actually rejected or deferred, and now the school has issued an apology.

University officials told The Washington Post it was a mistake of human error. Vice Provost David Phillips said a contractor who works with Johns Hopkins on electronic communications pulled a wrong list of emails.

"We apologize to the students affected and to their families," Phillips said. "Admissions decision days are stressful enough. We very much regret having added to the disappointment felt by a group of very capable and hardworking students."

The students had applied early decision to the prestigious Baltimore university. Of the 294 applicants who received an erroneous message, 285 had actually been denied admission and nine had received deferrals.

Cathy Stephenson of Culpeper County, Virginia, said she is irate that her son received a mistaken admission notice after an earlier denial. The email subject line was "Embrace the YES!" and the body welcomed her son. Stephenson said university officers should do more to apologize.

"All we want is a personal phone call," Stephenson said. "When I make a mistake, I do the right thing."

Oklahoma police chief accused of driving patrol car drunk, trying to hit man

Update: Oklahoma police chief accused of driving patrol car drunk, trying to hit man | KFOR.com: A chief of an Oklahoma police department found himself on the wrong side of the law after being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence.

Chief Lenden Woodruff, with the Colcord Police Department, was arrested by Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers on Sunday.

Troopers say they suspected Woodruff was driving his police cruiser drunk in Delaware County.

Before authorities arrived, they say Colcord councilor Cody Gibby tried to stop Woodruff from driving away.

He said Woodruff had purchased beer and was acting drunk.

However, they say Woodruff allegedly drove his car toward the man in an attempt to run him over.

Fortunately, Gibby only suffered minor injuries.

This is not the first time Woodruff has been in trouble with the law for driving under the influence.

City council members in Colcord say Woodruff would frequently buy beer while in his police cruiser.

In 2004, Woodruff was arrested after driving drunk in an unmarked sheriff’s vehicle.

Woodruff, who was the sheriff at the time, was convicted of the DUI charge.

In 2008, he was arrested again for drunken driving and pleaded guilty to DUI and carrying a firearm while under the influence.

Naked cyclist charged for no helmet

Naked cyclist charged for no helmet | Orange UK: A naked cyclist has been stopped and charged by police in New Zealand - for not wearing a helmet.

Officers said they weren't concerned that the man wasn't wearing any clothes - or that he appeared to have been drinking.

But they were not happy about his lack of a protective helmet while cycling in the city of Timaru.

Senior police sergeant Randel Tikitiki has said that the man wasn't charged with indecent exposure, because "that would depend on what could be seen".

Although he was under the influence of alcohol, a New Zealand Transport Agency spokeswoman confirmed that no legal alcohol limit for cycling currently exists.

Man unable to use arms faces gun possession charge

My Way News - Man unable to use arms faces gun possession charge: A man who can't use his arms because of a spinal condition is being held in jail while facing a gun possession charge his lawyer calls shocking.

Bail was lowered Tuesday for Marcus Hubbard, who has been jailed since his arrest in Trenton, New Jersey, in August.

Defense lawyer Caroline Turner said the case against Hubbard, who injured his spine in a car accident and may have Lou Gehrig's disease, "shocks the conscience."Authorities say Hubbard and three other men were in a car that ran a red light in Trenton and was pulled over. They say inside the car police officers found a stolen handgun in a seat-back pocket and a prescription bottle of codeine. All four men were charged after none of them took responsibility for the items.
Police said the gun was stolen from Anchorage, Alaska. Turner said the other men arrested in the car with Hubbard told police it didn't belong to him and he shouldn't be charged.

Prosecutors acknowledged Hubbard has no use of his hands but said he still could be guilty of a crime.

Goodwill workers find cremated remains in donation

My Way News - Goodwill workers find cremated remains in donation: Two boxes of cremated human remains mistakenly included among household items donated to an Indiana Goodwill have been reunited with the deceased's next of kin, police said.

Goodwill employees sorting through donated items Friday found two small, white boxes filled with cremains, Lafayette police Sgt. Grant Snyder told the Journal & Courier.

A merchandise sorter found the boxes inside velvet pouches inside a larger box, store manager Paula Strong said.

"When she pulled them out of the red velvet bags, that is when she realized that they were from a crematory and what they were," Strong said.

Each box was marked with a date and name, which police used to reunite the remains with survivors.

It's not uncommon for donors to drop off mystery items after cleaning out their relatives' homes, Strong said. But Friday's discovery ranks as the "strangest" thing she's seen at her store.

"I'm just happy that they did find the family," she said.