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Man's ashes to be scattered in fireworks display

My Way News - Man's ashes to be scattered in fireworks display: A Missouri funeral director is sending his father out with a bang. His father's ashes, anyway.

Greenlawn Funeral Homes will hold its first Firework Memorial program on Saturday night, when fireworks packed with James Carver's cremated remains will be launched skyward as part of his family's goodbye.

Carver's family is the first to try Greenlawn's new program. His son is funeral director Jim Carver, who says his father, who died in 2008, loved watching fireworks and would appreciate the unusual send off. The family will follow the eight-minute fireworks display with a cookout and memorial celebration.

Bear cub strolls through Oregon drug store

My Way News - Bear cub strolls through Oregon drug store: Some shoppers at an Oregon drug store got a surprise when they saw a bear cub scurrying down the aisles.

Witnesses say the cub first showed up Sunday at a nearby hotel, hopped out a window and crossed the street to the Rite Aid in Ashland, a city just north of the California border. Customers took photos and video until police arrived and scooped the little bear into a shopping cart. Footage shows an officer approaching the cub, and it dashing the other direction.

Oregon wildlife officials are holding the cub until it can be moved to a rehab center or a zoo.

There was no sign of its mother. Authorities say the cub cannot be returned to the wild because it had contact with humans.

Bank robber who bummed cigarette gets 10 years

My Way News - Bank robber who bummed cigarette gets 10 years: A bank robber who stopped during his escape to bum a cigarette off a construction worker has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a federal judge in Pittsburgh.

The worker told police that a man matching 38-year-old Paul Carman's description appeared nervous moments after the October 2013 robbery in Ambridge, when Carman threw his shirt in a trash container. But Carman still stopped to borrow a cigarette.

That encounter helped police identify Carman as the man who handed a Huntingdon Bank teller a note saying, "This is a robbery. No dye packs. No alarms."

Carman pleaded guilty in June and faced more than 12 years in prison under federal guidelines.

Carman's attorney argued his client has had a life-long problem with alcohol and should get a shorter term.

Woman Trying To Break Into Online Date's Home Gets Stuck In Chimney

Woman Trying To Break Into Online Date's Home Gets Stuck In Chim - Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com: A woman attempting to break into the home of man she reportedly met online was arrested after she got stuck inside the chimney, authorities said.

Residents on Woodside Drive in Thousand Oaks called police at about 5:45 a.m. Sunday to report the sound of a woman crying in the area.

Upon arrival, Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa was found lodged inside the chimney by Ventury County emergency responders. Authorities said the fireplace had to be "carefully" dismantled and she was doused in water and dish soap in order to be freed.

She was eventually rescued and taken to Los Robles Regional Medical Center for injuries.

According to the homeowner, he met Figueroa online and they dated a "few times." In addition, he said this wasn't the first time that Figueroa has climbed onto his roof and the police have been called.

Ebola Halloween costume draws mixed opinions

Ebola Halloween costume draws mixed opinions - Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com: At least one California costume company is trying to profit off the deadly Ebola outbreak.

The company made a new “Ebola Containment Suit” for this Halloween season. It features protective gear that covers a person from head to toe.

Some say the costume is in poor taste given recent events.

The company said it is simply following this year's trends, but admits people need a “serious sense of humor” if they're going to wear the costume.

British firm offers zombie-proof log cabin

British firm offers zombie-proof log cabin | Orange UK: Over in the UK, West Yorkshire firm is selling what it claims to be the world's first zombie proof log cabin.

Leeds-based Tiger Log Cabins is offering a 10 year anti-zombie guarantee with its ZFC-1, Zombie Fortification Cabin.

The structure consists of three connected buildings and its featured qualities add up to a personal log fortress.

It comes with reinforced slit windows, walls and doors, a barbed-wire surround, an escape hatch, and a living room with Xbox, TV and sound system.

It also features an arsenal storage unit to secure your anti-zombie weaponry and an upper deck with a full view all around so you can keep an eye out for the oncoming hordes.

Convicted murderer sues state over prison porn ban

My Way News - Convicted murderer sues state over prison porn ban: A convicted murderer sentenced to more than a half-century behind bars is suing the state of Connecticut, saying its ban on pornography in prison violates his constitutional rights.

Dwight Pink Jr. says in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in July that guards have used the policy to deny him an art book that depicts how to draw the human form.

Pink says the ban is a violation of his free speech rights and serves no meaningful objective in prison.

The state filed its response Monday and says Pink has not been harmed by the ban and none of his rights were violated.

Garden centre recruiting reindeer walkers

Garden centre recruiting reindeer walkers | Orange UK: A garden centre in England is looking for two new members of staff to help during the busy Christmas period - by walking their reindeer.

Garsons in Titchfield, near Fareham, Hants, is recruiting two full-time reindeer carers to help with the rush this Christmas.

The reindeers will form the centrepiece of the garden centre's festive display.

Successful applicants to the job will walk the reindeer in a paddock, feed them and introduce customers to them.

Ben Thompson, a director at the firm, said: "It's a bit more unusual than your average Christmas temp job."

Smartphone-controlled paper plane

Smartphone-controlled paper plane | Orange UK: A former Israeli pilot has launched a gadget that transforms the humble paper airplane into a remote controlled aircraft steered by a smartphone.

Shai Goitein came up with the ingenious idea after spending 15 years behind the controls of an airplane as a cargo pilot.

The PowerUp 3.0 is a simple battery-powered unit with a propeller on one end and a receiver on the other than can be fitted to any paper airplane.

The plane can then be controlled by a smartphone app which allows the user to adjust its direction by tilting their phone.

The £30 toy can fly for 10 minutes at a time, and has a range of 180ft thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Mr Goitein, from Haifa, said: "All over the world, paper planes are a source of joy, yet they have their own limitations - they can't fly for more than a few seconds, and there's no way to control their flight path.

"Our mission is to bring the magic of flight to everyone by combining timeless home-made toys with cutting-edge technology."

Michigan funeral home provides drive-thru option

My Way News - Michigan funeral home provides drive-thru option: Only a couple of families have taken advantage of a new service available at a Saginaw funeral home.

Drive-thru viewings.

Paradise Funeral Chapel recently started offering the option, which allows mourners to pay their last respects on the go. It was designed in part to cater to those with physical limitations.

Curtains covering the window open when sensors underneath the pavement recognize the presence of a car. Mourners then get three minutes to view the body as music plays.