Today's odd news:

Neurosurgeon details plan for first human head transplant in two years (What do you think? A real or bogus story?)

Neurosurgeon details plan for first human head transplant in two years ( An Italian neurosurgeon says it is possible to transplant human heads from one body to another to extend the lives of people whose muscles and nerves have deteriorated or whose organs are riddled with cancer.

Sergio Canavero said several people have already volunteered for a head transplant — which he believes could begin in 2017 — after he tests the procedure with brain-dead organ donors.

Canavero, a member of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, detailed the surgery in the journal Surgical Neurology International earlier this month.

“The greatest technical hurdle to is of course the reconnection of the donor’s and recipient’s spinal cords,” he says in the paper. “It is my contention that the technology only now exists for such linkage.”

He said a sharp severing of the spinal cord and the use of modern adhesives and sealants are the keys to success.

(Duct tape might also help)

Man tunnels through snow to reach car

Watch: Man tunnels through snow to reach car - A Canadian man said it took him about 6 hours to dig a tunnel through the snow from his Prince Edward Island front door to his driveway.

Marcel Landry, 26, of Summerside, said he found himself snowed into his home after a Valentine's Day weekend storm dumped 3 feet of snow on top of the already significant snow around his house, so he decided to try digging his way out using a hockey stick and a broken plastic shovel.

Landry said it took him about six hours to tunnel the 25 feet to his car. He said his fiancee would periodically use the key remote to honk the car horn to he could ensure he was headed in the right direction. Landry said it took an extra week to actually get the cars out of the driveway.

Couple, puppy saved from garbage truck

Watch: Couple, puppy saved from garbage truck - Authorities in Florida said a homeless couple and their puppy were rescued from a garbage truck after falling asleep in a trash bin.

Panama City police said the garbage truck driver called authorities Tuesday morning when he heard calls for help coming from the back of his vehicle shortly after emptying the bin behind Catholic Charities in Panama City.

The police report said the driver was able to help a man--identified as Christopher McCormick--out of the back of the truck and Panama City Fire Department workers were able to free the woman, Jessica McCormick, "after removing a large amount of trash."

Police said it took about 20 minutes of sifting through the back of the truck to find the puppy.

The McCormicks, who police said are homeless, were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. The puppy was taken to an Animal Services facility to wait for its owners to be released.

Police: Bus aide stole lunch money, food from preschoolers

My Way News - Police: Bus aide stole lunch money, food from preschoolers: A school bus aide has been charged with stealing lunch money and bagged lunches from preschoolers in New Jersey.

Police in Millville say 33-year-old Rosa Rios was caught on a surveillance camera rummaging through students' backpacks.

She's accused of stealing money and food from the 3- to 5-year-olds she was supervising in January and February.

Authorities first reviewed the footage because the bus driver complained that someone had stolen $400 from her. Rios is also under investigation in that theft.

The Sheppard Bus Company says Rios no longer works for the firm. She had been employed there about seven years.

Rios was charged Friday with robbery and theft. She is being held on $70,000 bail at the Cumberland County Jail and couldn't be reached for comment.

Why you should choose latte to avoid spillages

Why you should choose latte to avoid spillages | Orange UK: Scientists say commuters worried about spilling their takeaway coffee on a busy bus or train should opt for a frothy latte.

Researchers at New York University say that adding foam to a liquid makes it less likely to go over the rim of a cup.

Their study discovered that just a few layers of bubbles can significantly dampen the sloshing motion of liquid.

The research might have uses far beyond hot drinks, including the safer transport of liquefied gas in trucks and propellants in rocket engines.

Prof Emilie Dressaire started thinking about foam as a damping mechanism when she bought a latte at Starbucks and was told she probably wouldn't need a lid to stop it spilling.

When she started working in the complex fluids group at Princeton University, she learned that her colleagues had noticed a similar phenomenon with foamy beer.

The scientists took their observations from the coffeehouse and the pub to the laboratory, where they built an apparatus to test the damping power of foam more systematically.

Refracted rays from Nutella jar blamed for UK house fire

My Way News - Refracted rays from Nutella jar blamed for UK house fire: London's firefighters say sun rays refracted by a Nutella jar likely caused a house fire.

The city's fire brigade says investigators believe the glass jar — which had been emptied of the hazelnut spread — had been placed on a window sill and refracted sunlight, setting blinds alight.

According to a statement posted Tuesday by the brigade, the family was not at home but the blaze killed a dog.

Fire investigator Charlie Pugsley said: "It sounds far-fetched that a jar containing a few rubber bands caused a severe house fire but that's exactly what happened."

After 8 centuries, rats exonerated in spread of Black Death. Gerbils implicated.

After 8 centuries, rats exonerated in spread of Black Death. Gerbils implicated. - The Washington Post: After nearly eight centuries of accusing the black rat for spreading the bubonic plague, scientists say they have compelling evidence to exonerate the much-maligned rodent. In the process, they’ve identified a new culprit: gerbils.

It’s always the cute ones you have to watch out for, isn’t it?

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, climate data dating back to the 14th century contradicts the commonly held notion that European plague outbreaks were caused by a reservoir of disease-carrying fleas hosted by the continent’s rat population.

“For this, you would need warm summers, with not too much precipitation,” the author of the study told the BBC. “… And we have looked at the broad spectrum of climatic conditions, and there is no relationship between the appearance of plague and the weather.”

Instead, the fearsome “Black Death,” as the epidemic was known, seemed curiously tied to the climate in Asia. Analysis of 15 tree-ring records, which document yearly weather conditions, shows that Europe always experienced plague outbreaks after central Asia had a wet spring followed by a warm summer — terrible conditions for black rats, but ideal for Asia’s gerbil population. Those sneaky rodents and their bacteria-ridden fleas then hitched a ride to Europe via the Silk Road, arriving on the continent a few years later to wreak epidemiological havoc.

The findings absolve Europe’s black rats of responsibility for the deaths of more than 100 million people in the “second plague pandemic,” which began with the Black Death in the mid-14th century and recurred until the 1800s.

Scientists will now fact-check their findings by analyzing DNA from a variety of ancient European skeletons. If the samples show significant genetic variation across time, that would indicate successive outbreaks were caused by newly arrived waves of the disease rather than a resurgence from the continent’s rat reservoir.

If all this is true, hundreds of elementary school classrooms will have to rethink their class pet.

Billionaire Ken Griffin's wife wants $1 million a month in divorce

Billionaire Ken Griffin's wife wants $1 million a month in divorce - Feb. 24, 2015: Hotels: $160,000 per month. Food: $14,000. Another $2,000 a month for stationery.

Those are just a few of the expenses detailed in recent court filings related to the divorce proceedings of hedge fund billionaire Kenneth Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin. The ongoing contentious split has provided a peek into the private life of the wealthy couple.

Dias Griffin has claimed expenses of nearly $1 million per month, saying that's how much she needs to support the couple's three young children, who are all under 10 and have four nannies. The couple has been married since 2003.

Her husband contends that the budget includes "exorbitant expenses" that aren't for the children, but rather to fund his wife's extravagant lifestyle.

The budget includes $300,000 a month for a private jet, $160,000 for vacation accommodations, $60,000 for an office space and professional staff, as well as $14,000 per month for groceries and dining out, according to court filings.

Massachusetts man selling, shipping snow from his yard

My Way News - Massachusetts man selling, shipping snow from his yard: A Massachusetts man has found a way to profit from the several feet of snow in his yard: He's shipping it to people in warmer climates for the bargain price of $89 for six pounds.

Kyle Waring, of Manchester-by-the-Sea, got the idea while shoveling snow earlier this winter and launched

At first he shipped 16.9-ounce snow-filled bottles for $19.99, but he found the snow melted by the time it arrived at its destination.

So he came up with a new plan, selling six pounds at a time. He tells even if the snow melts a little by the time it arrives, the package can still make 10 to 15 snowballs.

He's also started offering 10-pound packages for $119.

He says he'll keep selling until people stop ordering.

Medical Marijuana May Soon Be Marketed as Kosher

Medical Marijuana May Soon Be Marketed as Kosher | TIME: Medical marijuana may soon come with a kosher seal of approval.

The Orthodox Union that offers kosher certification is in early discussions with parties interested in offering kosher medical marijuana products, according to the The Jewish Daily Forward.

In the past, the Orthodox Union has refused to certify cigarettes and e-cigarettes due to their clear health risks, but Rabbi Moshe Elefant, who leads kosher certification at the Orthodox Union, said it “would not have a problem” certifying medical marijuana since it has health benefits.

Since marijuana is a plant, it would appear that the certification would not be necessary. But in New York State, where medical marijuana will go on sale next year, cannabis could be distributed in other forms like edible substances and capsules, which would need a kosher seal. Many Orthodox rabbis are still strongly against its use.