Welcome to my radio show blog. My radio podcasts are broadcast on iHeartRADIO and 96.2 Christian Radio. I'm a 71 year old radio broadcaster who has found great peace in his old age having faith in Jesus Christ and being a follower of His.

I enjoy reading my Bible and doing podcasts on things I read about. I also program 96.2 Christian Radio. The goal is that we could all be encouraged to have faith in Jesus and remain faithful to Him. I'm glad you are here and I hope you find the blessing that comes in having faith in Jesus Christ and being a disciple of His.

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Monday Show Features

Rich's Joke Of The Day:
A little old lady was driving the wrong way down a one-way street and was stopped by a cop. “Didn’t you see the arrows?” he asked.
She said: “Arrows? I didn’t even see the Indians.”


Rich's Crazy News Story Of The Day:
A former tourism director in Okaloosa County, Fla., acknowledged using public money for a $710,000 yacht was a mistake. Mark Bellinger resigned  as head of the Tourism Development Council in Okaloosa County. He said the luxury yacht was intended to be a vehicle for promotional campaigns for the county. 


The Wacky World of Crime With Officer Hancock's police blotter:

Sarasota, Florida police say grandparents of a 7-year-old girl gave her a car ride, but say there were two major problems: they towed the girl in a plastic car behind their SUV, and the driver of the vehicle was drunk while they towed her. Dear old grand-dad is charged with driving under the influence, child endangerment and driving with a suspended license.

This is Officer Hancock. Be careful. There are a lot of wackos out there!


Rich's thought to ponder:
After you lose an election, will they let you back into all the exclusive clubs you resigned from? 


The latest news from the Hancock News Service - odd news fair and balanced!
A Florida newspaper said a woman preparing for her 106th birthday may be its longest-running subscriber after receiving the paper for 80 years. The Orlando Sentinel said Velma Boyd Freeman, who will turn 106 May 19, has been subscribed to the paper since the 1930s, when it came out as the Morning Reporter and the Evening Star.  Freeman, whose daughter said her doctor recently mistook her for 80, said she keeps in shape by eating lots of "Vidalia onions."