Hi there and welcome to my radio show blog. I'm glad you are here and hope you will find something useful.

I'm a 72 year old radio broadcaster who found great peace in his old age in the forgiveness that Jesus Christ offers to sinners. And I enjoy doing radio podcasts that encourage us all to have faith in Jesus and follow Him daily.

If you have not already, I would like to encourage you to trust Jesus Christ to save you. If you have fallen out of fellowship with Him and have been living a sinful life then come back to Jesus right now. If your heart is broken then come to Jesus right now. If you are bound by sinful habits and can't get free then come to Jesus right now and he will deliver you. He has done it for me and I know He will do this for you.

Tuesday Show Features

Rich's Early Morning Chuckle:
A man and his wife were considering traveling to Alaska for a trip that the husband had long dreamed of taking. He kept talking about how great it would be to stay in a log cabin without electricity, to hunt moose, and drive a dog sled instead of a car.The husband said: "If we decided to live there permanently, away from civilization, what would you miss the most?" She replied, "You."


Rich's Crazy News Story Of The Day:
Organizers of a moose-calling contest in Maine said competitors went all out this year. The four contestants in Saturday's contest at the Augusta Civic Center were judged on their ability to simulate a cow call and a bull call and perform in a way that would draw in a moose. One guy brought a paddle and put it on his head to look like a bull. Brett Patten of St. Albans won for his large and impressive display of trees he brought in to simulate a real moose-calling situation, while the man with the paddle came in last.


The Wacky World of Crime With Officer Hancock's police blotter:

A Kuwaiti man reportedly called police to his home in Bahrain after having a bad dream. The man called shouting for help before hanging up. Police and an ambulance were dispatched to the man's home, but when they arrived, the man told them about his nightmare. Details on the dream were not reported.

This is Officer Hancock. Be careful. There are a lot of wackos out there!


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Rich's thought to ponder:
The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action.


The latest news from the Hancock News Service - odd news fair and balanced!
New York City's oldest cab driver, 92-year-old Johnnie "Spider" Footman, says he has no plans to retire and his current license doesn't expire until 2014. Footman, who has been driving cabs since 1945, is a legend among the city's cab drivers. Footman spends two days a week driving a taxicab and another two days listening to taxi engines for signs of trouble at a taxi company in Long Island City, Queens. People say they feel more comfortable with him than a lot of other drivers. He has a good, calm personality, good knowledge of the city, and he enjoys what he does.