Welcome to my radio show blog. My radio podcasts are broadcast on iHeartRADIO and 96.2 Christian Radio. I'm a 71 year old radio broadcaster who has found great peace in his old age having faith in Jesus Christ and being a follower of His.

I enjoy reading my Bible and doing podcasts on things I read about. I also program 96.2 Christian Radio. The goal is that we could all be encouraged to have faith in Jesus and remain faithful to Him. I'm glad you are here and I hope you find the blessing that comes in having faith in Jesus Christ and being a disciple of His.

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Rich's Joke Of The Day:

A man visiting a graveyard saw a tombstone that read: “Here lies John Smith, a lawyer and an honest man.”
“How about that!” he exclaimed. “They’ve got three people buried in one grave.”


Rich's Crazy News Story Of The Day:
An Australian female civil servant has been awarded compensation for an injury sustained while having sex on a business trip. The government worker, from Canberra, needed hospital ­treatment after a glass light fixture fell and hit her in the face while she was "making whoopee" with a male friend in a motel room. The Australian Federal Court has ruled that she was entitled to compensation claim for facial and psychological injuries.


The Wacky World of Crime With Officer Hancock's police blotter:

A 20-year-old Jenkins,Kentucky man is facing a theft charge after he allegedly stole gas from a police cruiser and posted a picture of the crime on Facebook.

This is Officer Hancock. Be careful. There are a lot of wackos out there!


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Rich's thought to ponder:
If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.


The latest news from the Hancock News Service - odd news fair and balanced!

A hen in Sri Lanka gave birth to a chick without an egg! Instead of being laid by the hen and incubated in the nest, the egg was incubated inside the hen for 21 days and then the chick hatched inside the mother. The chick is normally formed and healthy, but the mother hen died from internal injuries.