Welcome to my radio show blog. My radio podcasts are broadcast on iHeartRADIO and 96.2 Christian Radio. I'm a 71 year old radio broadcaster who has found great peace in his old age having faith in Jesus Christ and being a follower of His.

I enjoy reading my Bible and doing podcasts on things I read about. I also program 96.2 Christian Radio. The goal is that we could all be encouraged to have faith in Jesus and remain faithful to Him. I'm glad you are here and I hope you find the blessing that comes in having faith in Jesus Christ and being a disciple of His.

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Rich's Early Morning Chuckle:

Looking into an empty cage, a zoo visitor asks, "Where are all the monkeys?"

The zoo keeper says: "It's mating season. They're inside."

The visitor asks: "Do you think they'd come out for peanuts?"

The zoo keeper says: "Would you?"


Rich's Crazy News Story Of The Day:
An Ohio 18-year-old has apologized for his mug shot, which features him displaying his middle finger and grabbing his crotch. The mug shot taken of Mitchell Peterman after he was arrested on charges of underage drinking and obstruction went viral online after it was posted to Facebook by Bath Township police. Peterman, a student at the University of Akron, apologized for his rude photo and police took the picture off Facebook later in the day.


The Wacky World of Crime With Officer Hancock's police blotter:

The California Highway Patrol said a crane thief who led police on a short chase knocked down 10 power poles while attempting to flee. the man stole the crane at 1 a.m. Thursday in Sacramento County and led police on a short chase that resulted in the utility poles being knocked down, leaving about 300 homes without electricity.

This is Officer Hancock. Be careful. There are a lot of wackos out there!


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Rich's thought to ponder:
Money can't buy happiness . . . but it can certainly rent it for a while.


The latest news from the Hancock News Service - odd news fair and balanced!

Port St. Lucie, Fla., police said a man walked into their headquarters with 12 marijuana plants and said "he wanted to turn himself in to do the right thing." The Port St. Lucie police said they tested the plants and seeds to confirm they were marijuana. The man, who said he grew the plants for his own personal use, was charged with marijuana cultivation and taken to the St. Lucie County Jail.